Race-Mixing Religion for the Death of Peoples and Nations

Rachet remarks of a former member
Baha'is pride themselves on having an authentic religion unchanged by man. Not much point to that if you don't even let people read the original texts. After hiding their embarrassing scripture for 120 years, the Baha'i administration commenced to change it through agenda-driven mistranslation. They also turned a short work -- only 74 pages in the Elder-Miller translation even with all their notes -- into a 320 page behemoth of spin-doctoring and explanatory apologetics. But the Elder/Miller version shows what the simple text originally said.

The Kitab-i-Aqdas

The Baha'i "Book of Laws"

Baha'i Aqdas Part II

Around 1873, according to Baha'is, Baha'u'llah "revealed" this "Book of Laws" as the guidance for mankind for the next thousand years. But for 120 years Baha'is made sure nobody heard about its contents.

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Who Are the Baha'is Really?

Mirza Yahya or "Dawn of Eternity" who was appointed by "The Bab" as successor. The Babi Mirza Husayn Ali turned out to be a more aggressive organizer than the gentle Mirza Yahya and ended up with control of the movement.

The Baha'is continually falsified their own history, especially the history of the Bab and Mirza Yahya. Though claiming to be the successorship of the Bab, they extirpated all copies of the Bab's writings including his main book "The Bayan." 'Adbu'l-Baha, the son of Baha'u'llah and his successor, continued to falsify the past in his history called "A Traveler's Narrative," and the omissions and distortions were remarked upon by the orientalist E.G. Browne of Cambridge, who had studied the Babis and early Baha'is right in their own locales, including a meeting with Baha'u'llah.

One reason for the suppression of the Bab's writings was that it contained doctrines like reincarnation which were now being denied by the Baha'is. Another was that the Bab's writings made it seem unlikely or impossible that Baha'u'llah could be his successor or that the new Baha'i Faith could be legitimate.
This falsification of history then extended to the complete suppression of the Baha'i Faith's central scripture in the west, the "Kitab-i-Aqdas" or "Book of Laws," touted by Baha'is as their most important scripture and the blueprint and laws to guide mankind for the next "thousand years." Baha'is have long dismissed the value of other religions by stating, disingenuously, that "they don't have their original texts, we have the original texts." Or, they state that distortions have crept into the old religious texts. But Baha'is did that up 10 times better by simply suppressing the text (along with the photo of Baha'u'llah) and not allowing anybody to read it. Then, when finally obligated to offer up some sort of translation of embarrassing scriptures, the Baha'i authorities regularly introduce their own distortions to doctor the text.
An example would be the "wear sable" instruction of the Kitab-i-Aqdas. The unbiased, impartial Arabic scholars Miller & Elder translated it this way:
"Wear sable (sammur) just as you wear silk and squirrel-skin and other things."

The Miller/Ender translations contains cases of mere suggestion by Baha'u'llah as contrasted to explicit commands. They are easily  distinguished from each other in their text.  Baha'u'llah makes explicit commands regarding hair-length for men. He was a royal, and wanted his people to come off nicely to make him proud. Elsewhere he tells them to use perfume and rose water and renew their furnishings every 9 years. (He also enjoins upon Baha'is very fancy and pricey coffins.) But the "official translation" (when it finally came out) renders the line this way:

"Ye are free to wear the fur of the sable as ye would that of the beaver, the squirrel, and other animals."

...changing what was evidently a command into a mere option.

Who needs textual distortions brought by time and history to mess up your religion if you can simply suppress the text? Then, when obligated to come up with something, when you can create your own distortions yourself?

Part One  /  Part Two

The Baha'i Kingpin, bearer of
the Most Holy Saliva

Baha'is hide his photo even after His Most Holy Unction posed royally for photographs, obviously intending to be seen. How else could he "manifest" himself as a "manifestation of God"?
The ostentatious and dwarf-like Baha'i Founder Baha'u'llah called himself the  "Blessed Beauty" and demanded strict obedience from Baha'is' to whatever he said, for  the next thousand years
Mirza Husayn Ali, who named himself "The Glory of God"
was ever the opportunist. After he got possession of a pasha's mansion (the wealthy family fled because of an epidemic) his movement got legs. He steadily acquired the followers of the bushwacked Bab, then the Bab's monthly "tithe" income. Baha'is were an enclosed culture, good at keeping secrets. Thus there were no conversions from the Accan population during Baha'u'llah's whole residence there -- Baha'is remained a Persian subculture. Strangely, the Baha'i founder appears to be exceedingly small, likely under five feet. You can see his upper arm cannot extend down to the table and he has very short arms. He appears to have to ride the front edge of the chair in order to keep his feet on the floor. A low-backed chair was used to create the illusion that he is taller. But the table gives it away. Though this photo looks staged and like Baha'u'llah intended for it to be seen, no photo exists of him sitting with other men -- even his important son 'Adbu'l-Baha, who was normally sized. Such a photo would have made his stature more obvious and was avoided. (Or the photos are suppressed. See his dwarf son to the right.) Information-controlling Baha'is hid this curious fact about their guru for 150 years, though their literature otherwise loves to comment on physical features of other Baha'i heroes. At right is one of Baha'u'llah's sons who quite obviously exhibits dwarfism. Baha'is started tight control of information very early, doing search-and-destroy operations on inconvenient texts. They even wiped out all copies of the scriptures written by their own deified mystical so-called "forerunner" the Bab. Information about the Baha'i past is so tightly controlled -- and  falsified -- that nobody knew this strange and interesting fact about
their founder's stature until the internet. Baha'u'llah's small stature may be a key to understanding his magnificent grandiosity.

Glory Man had 12 children.
This was Prime Son #2,
appointed as a successor along
with normal-sized son 'Adbu'l-Baha.
But A.B. beat him out and declared
him a "Covenant Breaker" like most
of Adbu'l-Baha's (and Baha'u'llah's!)
family. In Baha'i fashion he was then
a shunned by all Baha'is -- and his
own family -- as a non-entity.
Glory Man's Bodacious Laws for the New Millennium:
Left: A bit from the
Baha'i "Most Holy Book"
or "Kitab-i-Aqdas,"
Elder-Miller translation.
The book was suppressed
for 120 years (kept from
the Baha'is) so that the
religion would have some
prospect of taking root
in the west.
Neuro-linguistic programming and mental manipulation began early in the Baha'i Faith, with their very founder.
The above bit of the Baha'i "Book of Laws" states that your children and descendants-left-behind have no natural right
to your property or wealth. Baha'u'llah's organization, the "House of Justice," would acquire it instead. This was one of the
early elements of Communism in the Baha'i Faith, which did evolve into the Marxist deracination, de-religionation,
and de-culturalization movement as much as a religion. Notice how just after his statement implying his bureau (the "Universal House of Justice")
would receive your property at death, he throws in: "He has no need of the worlds." (Referring to God.) That was to counter any
thought such as: "Why does God's House of Justice need to take everybody's wealth." Baha'u'llah heads that off at the pass, saying:
'God doesn't doesn't need your money and wealth. How dare you think that thought.'
The Soviet propaganda machine had nothing
on Baha'u'llah. There are several instances of this kind of back-flushing and mind-messing from Baha'u'llah in his "Most Holy Book."
For example, immediately after directing Baha'is to mark a thief on the head with a "mar" (Haddad) he describes God (who is supposed
to be pronouncing this law) as "the Tender-hearted," and the "Merciful One." (Elder-Miller) He was quite a canny gnome.

Left: Can you believe this place?
Conservative estimate: $25 million dollars.
Baha'i have been hearing "Give to the Fund!
Give to the Fund!"
at nearly every Baha'i
meeting for decades so that
Baha'i Officialdom
(Haifa/Wilmette) could impress the world
their sinisterly grandiose world-control cynosure.
Reports are that Italy's
deposits of finest
Corinthian marble were tapped out to create

Shoghi Effendi's Grecian Power Fantasy
on a little hill in the
geΩocidal St∆te of I$rayel.
All dedicated to this saliva-gifting fellow.

In the Baha'i World Order thieves get marked on the forehead with a brand or tattoo. Baha'is now say, "The Universal House of Justice will decide what the mark is and how long it's for." However, a permanent mark was the obvious intention of Glory man (see right). And you can see that Baha did not want them to get wimpy about this. Illustration of cruel Baha'i Founder with four wives.
Baha'i Lawgiver

           -- Baha'i Psychological techniques. From the The Baha'i "Most Holy Book"

By the way, try to not be around beautiful distractions when you meditate. It is distracting. So are breezes and ocean sounds. Also be in a private place. And keep your clothes on. You can meditate better.
Meditation is not covered in the Baha'i Faith. The word is not in their religious
lexicon, at least not as a particular thing separate from vague "prayer."
Hinduism and Buddhism regard prayer as distinct from meditation, and those
religions have a great deal of knowledge about meditation, which they consider
a central religious practice. "Meditation" per se is not discussed in the Baha'i Faith
or treated in their scriptures (so don't use the word around them). As to prayer,
Baha'i officialdom limits the concept of prayer to out-loud readings of writings of their
founders. Basically, parroting. They do not have the Christian concept of natural,
personal, or spontaneous prayer from one's heart in one's own words. This is perhaps
another expression of the controlling approach of Baha'i managers and their "no
independent ideas" culture. Even your prayers to God must be vetted and approved
by Baha'i officialdum! Whatever esoteric significance there may be in Aqdas-
prescribed Baha'i spoken-verse repetition (considered a profound practice called "japa"
in Hinduism and one with esoteric impacts) -- these are not explored or discussed in
the Baha'i Faith. Not only do Baha'is downplay or disregard their own mystical content:
Mysticism is even a taboo subject in this Sufism-cum-Materialism religion. Thus talk
of "meditation" per se doesn't exist in the Baha'i Faith. Photo at the is left for humor.

Above: Baha'i men must send their wives home if they argue while traveling. He must pay her expenses
and give her to someone reliable. The woman above might not like the next Baha'i Law:

Text Graphic for Kitab-i-Aqdas, Blood Money, Baha'i Faith

Above: Baha'i Laws of the New Dispensation. For every errant screw you do, you have to give the the Universal House of Justice a seventh
of an ounce of gold. What a deal for the Baha'i UHJ! They'll be rich in no time.

Illustration of Baha'i Writings and Laws

Above: Baha'u'llah's advanced new-world harem limitations. Baha'i officialdom, refusing to publish the Baha'i Book of Laws for
120 years because of this and other not-so-sellable Baha'i verses -- finally came up with a tricky translation of this verse in 1992,
in which they use every word trick in the book to make it seem like it doesn't say what it says. See: Kitab-i-Aqdas.info

No John, Paul, George, or Ringo in this N.W.O! Baha'u'llah was himself a little shaggy, and some balding men feel they look younger
with a better chance for a mate doing the Yule Brynner thing. But His Unctious Beauty didn't like long hair on his male minions. Since
this is the New World Order for the next thousand years, you're stuck with his decree. Obedience is a very important in the Baha'i Faith.

   Baha'i Sexual Misbehavior Logo

Baha'i Logo on burning laws


Another sadly
deluded White woman,
trained against her
own people
Long Live the White European Men and their Women!
The doe-faced, noble-browed Scandinavian beauty Mary Maxwell, an early confused White-guilted
Baha'i who had no clue what Baha'u'llah was really like, or what was in the Baha'i "Book of Laws,"
or what she was promoting. Beautiful White women of Europea now need to leave the Baha'i Faith
and save their own people, the White Europeans, a set of peoples loaded with their own beautiful
diversity to last aeons. White women of child-bearing age are now down to only 2% of  world
population. If the delusion called the Baha'i Faith continues, soon there will be no more charming
Mary Maxwells left. (And the Baha'i Faith ruined the personality of this one.) Miscegenation,
race-mixing, abandonment of your own people, and allowing their extinction are the true sins of
God's True Aqdas. Embrace your rich Christian guru-yoga, and our great Aryan-Vedic Heritage
of God-search (yoga.) Time to leave the false, race-killing Baha'i Faith, choose your people,
and choose God.


Wake Up Now Or
Active White Genocide Is
Coming To Your Country

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